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Time Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC)

So what IS 'TCSPC'?  Click HERE for the answer.

We are exclusive North American agents for:


  • Becker & Hickl of Berlin, Germany - arguably the leading designer and producer of TCSPC electronics in the world


  • ID Quantique of Geneva, Switzerland for their best-in-the-world line of single photon counting silicon and InGaAs APDs.


  • Licel GmbH of Berlin, Germany for their Linear and TCSPC based hybrid atmospheric probe LIDAR receiver electronics.

We are authorized resellers of photon counting PMTs and MCP PMTs for Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. of Hamamatsu City, Japan.

All in all, Boston Electronics Corporation is the North American company most fully dedicated to TCSPC.

TCSPC is commonly a Do It Yourself marketplace with many sales being 'tools' as opposed to complete solutions.  The exception is especially Fluorescence Limetime Imaging Microscopy

One can buy a FLIM-ready microscope from Zeiss.  One can buy a confocal scanner from us and attach it to pretty much any research grade microscope, add our excitation, detection and TCSPC signal processing, and let us set it up for you.    Or you can Do It Yourself (espcially, convert an existing research grade microscope) by buying the key parts from us - we will tell you how to put it together painlessly).

See below for documents on TCSPC.


The largest single application at this time is FLIM, Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging, using a laser scanning confocal microscope (we have upgrade kits for Zeiss, Leica and Olympus) and a high rep rate picosecond (or faster) laser such as a Ti: Sapphire or a pulsed diode for one-photon or two-photon excitation.  FRET, fluorescence resonant energy transfer, can be best visualized by FLIM.   Another (increasingly) hot topic is FCS, Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy.  The latest version of the B&H software (bundled at no cost with the electronics) includes a new FCS module.

Contact us for details of how to convert almost ANY microscope to confocal fluorescence lifetime imaging operation at a fraction of the cost of a system from Zeiss, Leica, Nikon or Olympus.


And for the very very serious, the latest version of the B&H Manual (TCSPC Handbook) is available by clicking here.  This is a very large tutorial handbook.

We invite you to join our TCSPC Applications group on Linkedin


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