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Uncooled LWIR Photodetectors in CO2 Laser Beam Profilers

VIGO System S.A., an independent producer of infrared detectors and accessories, offers the detector user high quality products at competitive prices with on-time deliveries. VIGO System. continually provides customers with state-of-the-art products combined with IR technology expertise, based on a working knowledge of user applications. The 10.6 mm ambient temperature photodetectors manufactured at VIGO are characterized by the following, unique features:
  • ambient temperature operation D* up to 1x108cmHz1/2/W
  • <1 nanosecond response time
  • wide dynamic range
  • light-weight, rugged and reliable
  • convenient to use
  • low cost
The uncooled HgCdTe photodetectors manufactured at VIGO are a unique alternative to the currently available pyroelectric detectors. At low frequencies their detectivity is approximately the same as in the case of commercially available pyroelectric detectors. At high frequencies of 100 MHz or more, the detectivity of VIGO's photodetectors exceeds by over 10000 times, the detectivity of the pyroelectric detectors operated at the same frequencies. The HgCdTe detectors can detect both pulsed and modulated CW CO2 laser radiation. Thanks to small size and low power consumption they can be mounted in small packages.

If for any reason the offered detector doesn't meet all your requirements we would welcome the opportunity to assist you in selection and/or development of the appropriate high performance detector for your applications.

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