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UV Photodetectors  

  Silicon carbide photodiodes, SiC, for 220 to 380nm
  Gallium Nitride photodiodes, GaN, for 200 to 370nm
  Aluminum Gallium Nitride, AlGaN, for <200 to 260 or 310nm


 Deep UV LED 265-340nm - SMD, TO-46 or multi-chip arrays

Lidar System Elements

  Mini-PMTs with electronics for Lidar systems from 180 to 900nm
  Si APDs on TE-coolers with opto-mechanics and electronics for 
  Lidar for <600nm to 1.06um
  Transient recorders for photon counting with overall 10^5 dynamic range

IR Photodetectors

  Fast <1 nsec photovoltaic HgCdZnTe 1 to 10.6+ um
  Sensitive TE-cooled HgCdZnTe rivals LN2 InSb & beats TE-cooled PbSe
  Thermopiles and pyroelectrics

Time Correlated Photon Counting Electronics and detectors

  Time Correlated Single Photon Counting Electronics Modules
  FLIM kits for laser scanning confocal microscopes
  Photon Counting detectors for < 400 to > 1700 nm
  Nanosecond resolution & Burst recording

IR Sources

  CW miniature 1100K or 1275K 'blackbody' sources; stock & custom, long life
  LEDs for 1.8, 2.8, 3.4, 3.8, 4.2, and 4.8 um
  Room Temp Quantum Cascade lasers for 3.5 to 17 um

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